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Tasting Notes

Looking for a special wine, liqueur or port to savour and linger over? Or perhaps a gift for someone special, a unique locally made souvenir?

de Brueys tropical fruit wines are made on site using traditional winemaking techniques and meet wine industry standards for clarity and stability. Wines are matured for up to twelve months before sale and all products are sealed by corks.

More wines and ports are continually being added to the range.

Tropical Fruit Table Wines

Mango Wine

Deliciously different with Asian curries and seafood dishes.

Be prepared for the explosion of flavours as the enticing vanillin and floral tastes combine to give the drinker an experience to remember. A gorgeous golden colour highlights the Mango nuances on the nose. The wine is ready to enjoy now, however those who choose further cellaring will reap the rewards.

Produced from their own golden, sun ripened Kensington Pride mangoes, small batch fermentation and craftsmanship in the winemaking process has resulted in a mango wine rich in fruit flavours whilst maintaining balance and drink-ability.

Lychee Wine

Ideal with white meats and salads, Chinese cuisine and cheese platters. This wine is a crisp, medium sweet with a refreshing, pleasant lychee fruit character that finishes with a long palate. This wine teases the senses with its spicy character and its gentle complexity. It is refreshing and very easy to enjoy.

The property's lychee trees help supply the fruit for the wine. The Chinese brought lychees to the FNQ goldfields in the late 1800's. They were called lychee nuts because the skin was purposely dried out and the fruit hardened by the sun as a means of drying them.

Jaboticaba Wine

Medium dry, well suited to red meats (especially lamb), and spicy Asian dishes.

The bouquet has a fragrant array of plum, spice and red berry aromas, but the long, silky and intense palate is even better, with a wonderfully delicate silky mouth feel. Complex, multi-spiced aromatics lead into a palate with black fruits, olives, liquorice and spice flavours; soft, fluffy tannins provide great texture.

Known as a tree grape, the jaboticaba tree was introduced into North Queensland from southern Brazil over 20 years ago. The black grape-like fruit sprouts directly from trunk and branch, fruiting several times a year. The fruit is crushed before fermentation, and skins removed from the fermentation tank after sufficient tannins and colour have been extracted.

Passionfruit Wine

BEST DRY WINE — 2011 Australian Fruit Wine Awards

A medium/medium sweet wine best served chilled with chicken and seafood, Thai and other spicy Asian dishes.

The distinct tropical characteristics of the passionfruit provide the wonderful experience of crisp, intense, fragrant, aromatic flavours on the palate and a delicate aftertaste, while remaining refreshing and light – a beautifully balanced wine.

The Panama Red passionfruit is preferred in the wine making process and is sourced locally. Both pulp and seeds are fermented in the wine making process.

Bush Cherry Wine (from a native cherry)

Delicious with pasta, freshwater crayfish and smoked salmon, this medium wine is exclusive to de Brueys.

A tropical native fruit of Far North Queensland, the existence of this fruit is a well kept secret. Harvested annually from wet coastal areas in the wild, it also thrives in our orchard. As with all bush tucker, the fruit is slightly tart to the taste, resulting in a crisp rosé style wine.

Tropical Fruit Ports

Rouge Forte (Mulberry Port)

Indulge yourself with this seductive dessert wine from the black mulberry. The silky smooth flavours will delight your senses and the rich, luscious texture will leave a lingering warm afterglow. This fruit has its origins in Western Asia and has been grown for its fruits in Europe since before Roman times. Large and juicy, there is a good balance of sweetness and tartness that makes them the best flavoured species of mulberry.

Enjoy it as an after dinner drink, with your favourite dessert and with good friends.

Blanc Forte (Mango Port)

The exotic flavours of the mango are combined with the soft textures and sweetness of natural sugars, fruit and a tantalising spirit to create this refreshingly unique white port.

A fun, light hearted yet full bodied dessert wine that will delight all with its mouth-watering flavours and its cool lip-smacking finish.

It should be savoured slowly to make the most of its uniqueness.

Swagman Port

Deep tawny red in colour, there are complex spicy/cedary overtones to the ripe plum of the bouquet, which unfolds into a luscious mixture of plum and prune on the intensely flavoured palate; expert winemaking has avoided over-extraction.

Containing a number of tropical fruit wines which have been blended and fortified, it is pleasant, soft bodied and incredibly easy to drink.

The Temptation Range of Cream Liqueurs

Tropical Temptation

BEST LIQUEUR — 2009 Australian Fruit Wine Awards

Why not produce a luscious, Irish cream liqueur? It was quite a challenge however, and many trials and experiments over a period of two years resulted in Tropical Temptation, a first for the North Queensland wine industry. An Irish Cream, combined with the taste of the tropics.

Tropical Temptation cream liqueur is heaven sent! Made from an exquisite blend of forbidden tropical fruits, this is luscious splendour at its best. Unwind, relax and escape as you indulge and enjoy the aromatic, lingering bouquet, followed by a truly superb taste of tropical paradise.

So, what fruit is in it?.....Well, I’m afraid we can’t tell you that, as it’s a firmly kept secret!!!

Coffee Temptation

Mareeba is becoming so well known for its coffee and our new Coffee Temptation cream liqueur offers a combination of roasted, buttery coffee flavours intermingled with a silky-smooth honey cream that you will love. Its body is round and rich, and its finish resonates sweetly. Our Coffee Temptation beans are so dark, and so well roasted, that when we blend it with the cream; we achieve a taste that they speak of in heaven.

One whiff of its roasted-sweet aroma and you'll fondly remember autumn on the streets in Paris ... even if you've never been!

Strawberry Temptation

For strawberry lovers, try this third version of the Temptation series. The strawberries have been sourced locally.

Often linked with romance, strawberries are associated with Venus, the goddess of love. Considered an exceptional aphrodisiac in provincial France, strawberries were traditionally served to newlyweds.

Fill your senses with sheer delight as you drink this intoxicating creamy cocktail! Love that creamy, strawberry hit!


BRONZE MEDAL — 2011 Australian Fruit Wine Awards

A new, decadent, hedonistic blend of Melon and Cream that combines to excite every sense. Once tasted, one glass is never enough.

Enjoy serve chilled or on ice.

Rum & Chocolate Liqueur

Pirates Treasure

What a treasure! Taste decadent chocolate, followed closely by the rum, as you indulge your tastebuds with this Oh So Smooth liqueur. Feel it warming all the way down. You will be glad Cap’n Bob was persuaded to share his latest spoils with you. The Pirates of the Caribbean had nothing like this! Drink it on the rocks, or walk the plank!

Coffee Liqueur

Flagship Coffee Elixir

BEST LIQUEUR — 2009 Australian Fruit Wine Awards

In 2007 the top of the range Flagship Coffee Elixir was launched. The idea came from wanting to produce a top of the range coffee liqueur, using the local Mareeba coffee. The name “Flagship” refers to the French Navy’s flagship, ship of the line “L‘Orient”, at the time in 1798 when the French invaded Egypt.

Vice-Admiral Francois-Paul de Brueys, commander of the fleet under Napoleon Bonaparte, was attacked by the British navy under the leadership of Admiral Horatio Nelson, resulting in resounding defeat for the French, in what later became known as the Battle of the Nile.

This very smooth, aromatic liqueur glides onto the palate and lingers there. We dare you to take a voyage with Flagship!

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